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Everything you need to know to travel to Honduras

Are you ready to fly over the forest canopy on a zip line, relax on the beaches of the Atlantic coast, explore the Caribbean jungle, and swim in crystal clear waters under a waterfall? Are you ready to travel in Honduras? Imni Tour is here to help!

Our Honduras Travel Guide offers valuable information on top tourist destinations, as well as valuable Honduras, travel tips. Holidays in Honduras have never been so easy and our travel guide offers tips and advice to help you save time, and money and make the most of your next vacation in Honduras. Discover the best time to travel to Honduras, hotels, tours, and more. The Honduras Travel Guide, written by local experts, gives you REAL TIPS on where to stay and go and how to make your next trip to Honduras amazing.

Travel To Honduras with Imni Tours

The Imni Tours team has traveled extensively in Honduras and we know our tour providers well. We carry out regular inspections of the properties and tours that we represent to guarantee their quality.

Planning a vacation in a foreign country, especially in Central America, can be stressful and time consuming, especially when you don’t know the language or where to go. We help make it easier for you by creating custom Honduras travel packages that fit your interests and budget. We will work with you to make your travel itinerary perfect. Best of all, we don’t charge FEES for our services and we can help you SAVE MONEY while making the most of your time here. We hope you enjoy our Honduras travel page and maybe we’ll see you in tropical paradise. Get your personalized itinerary today!


Learn Everything You Need To Know To Visit Honduras!

There are many countries with biodiversity in the world, but in our opinion, Honduras is the best country in the world. Between pristine beaches on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, many national parks filled with beautiful flora and fauna on every corner, and hundreds of species of plants and animals in all popular tourist destinations, the natural beauty of Honduras cannot be beat! It really is a magical place. All the diverse attractions in Honduras make it a great place for relaxing and adventurous excursions and activities.

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Travel Tips For A Safe And Worry-Free Vacation To Honduras!

You are traveling to Honduras for the first time!

Maybe you feel a little overwhelmed. Honduras may be a small country, but it is full of incredible tropical destinations and activities. This country is famous for its natural wonders, ranging from white sand beaches and lush rainforest to incredible coral reefs. Whether you have a romance in mind or a fun family vacation, Honduras is the perfect destination for everyone. Take a look at the following travel tips to offer you a safe and carefree vacation!

Learn A Little Spanish

Spanish is the official language in Honduras, but around the most popular tourist destinations many of the locals speak English and you will have no trouble finding bilingual tour guides or hotel staff. However, knowing some phrases in Spanish will help you, especially in small towns, local restaurants or small shops.

Learn A Little Garifuna

Garifuna is an Arawak language spoken on the Atlantic Caribbean coast of Honduras.

The Garifuna language, along with the dance and music of this Central American and Caribbean ethnic group, was proclaimed in 2001 and inscribed in 2008 on the Unesco Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Currently, in Honduras, the majority of Garifunas speak their mother tongue, but they also speak Spanish and a small group speaks Creole English. However it never hurts to know a bit of the local language!

Be Ready For Tropical Weather

Be ready for tropical weather. Honduras is characterized by high temperatures throughout the year, high humidity levels and high rainfall. Although in the country up to six different climatic zones are distinguished. And in each of these these characteristics vary markedly. What they do share is a double seasonality: the dry season (approximately from November to April) and the wet season (from May to October). Fairly well defined.

Try Local Food

This is one of the best and tastiest Honduras travel tips! The typical food of Honduras, in addition to being rich in flavor, is very varied, as it contains pre-Columbian, Spanish, Creole and African indigenous elements. On the northern coast of Honduras there is Garifuna, Misquita and Creole food. The typical dishes are made mostly from corn, rice, beans and meat.

Baleadas are a benchmark of traditional Honduran food, thanks to its exquisite flavor it is the most popular dish in Honduras, in addition, its price, very economical and the variety of ingredients that can be added to it makes baleadas a dish loved by tourists. Baleadas are corn or wheat flour tortillas filled with fried beans, cream butter and grated cheese, but you can add avocado, eggs, chorizo, chicken and even fried ripe plantains.

Garifuna gastronomy is rich in fish and seafood. Most of its typical food is made from coconut, both for the preparation of main dishes, and for desserts. They also have a great variety of delicious typical drinks that are delicious. Don’t forget to taste a machuca soup and a shot of gifiti when you visit a Garifuna community.

Bring Cash And Credit Cards

Both are widely accepted across the country. The developed areas have several banks and ATMs available to obtain cash in lempiras (Local currency). But be sure to inquire about any possible transaction fees! And if possible avoid paying in dollars, since local businesses do not always return the change correctly and you may end up paying more.

In addition, if you plan to rent a vehicle, you must present a credit card with a limit of not less than $ 2000, keep this in mind when traveling.

Avoid The Tap Water

Tap water is safe to wash your hands, shower and brush your teeth. It is not safe to drink, especially if you have a sensitive stomach. The best option in that case is to carry a bottle of water with you at all times and avoid drinking the bagged juices sold on the streets. Many hotels have filtered water for free or cheaper than buying new plastic water bottles.

Don’t Pack Too Much

Honduras and the Garifuna communities have so many incredible destinations that you are probably moving. Pack light, quick-drying clothes and leave your valuables at home. Include a light raincoat and a sweater or jacket for the night if you travel in the warmer months and, if you visit the center of the country do not forget warm clothes. Many hotels and resorts offer on-site laundry service for a small fee, and if staying on the beach, light, quick-drying clothing is highly recommended.

Pack Sunscreen And Bug Spray

In Honduras the sun is fierce and the insects are many! The best advice is to never stay in the sun too long to avoid skin damage, but to wear sunscreen with factor 50, preferably waterproof. Don’t forget to always carry a bottle of water with you! While the risk of mosquito disease is relatively low, there are still many mosquitoes buzzing, especially on the north coast. It is a good idea to carry insect repellent with you at all times, as well as an anti-itch cream, in case you have some bites.

Be Ready For Bugs

While we love Honduras for its amazing diversity, that also means that there are many critters crawling around. No matter where you are staying, you’ll likely encounter many different bugs. Fortunately, most are harmless! If you find an unwanted bug, don’t stress about it. It is best to roll with the punches and go back to enjoying your vacation. Just make sure to check your shoes before you put them on, keep your food sealed and use bug spray and mosquito nets when necessary.

Pay Attention To Beach & Rainforest Safety

The beaches in Honduras are truly spectacular. However, storm surges are rampant in the north of the country, so do your research on beach safety and ask locals about the currents before taking a dip as well as coral reefs and take all necessary precautions if diving into them. After enjoying the beach, you will probably find yourself in one of the incredible national parks of Honduras. While exploring, it is always best to travel with a guide and listen to their instructions on wildlife and trails. You are unlikely to encounter dangerous wildlife, but be sure to follow their instructions and take no unnecessary risks. Also, be sure to always follow the marked trails and walk with a group.

Travel With A Reputable Travel Agency Like
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Traveling abroad in any country can be stressful and, if not carefully planned, even dangerous.


There are many details to consider. What parts of the country are safe? Will I be able to understand the language? Which hotels have the best reputation? Is it wise to bring my children? Or my grandparents? How will I travel from one place to another? Who do I call in an emergency? The list goes on. However, if you travel with an agency, the details are at your disposal, allowing you to relax and enjoy your vacation.

Local Office: We are an international agency with offices in the United States and Honduras. We have highly qualified local staff with specific knowledge of Honduras.

We are certified: Imni Tours is an agency certified by the Honduran Chamber of Tourism. We work with reputable and safe suppliers who have been recognized as an outstanding company.

Count on us: We accompany you throughout the tour and make sure you have a perfect vacation. We are available to you in the country until you have safely landed in your country again.

The Imni Tours team has been in business for 4 years and has brought more than 1,000 clients to Honduras safely and successfully. Customer safety is our number 1 priority. We are there for you from start to finish of the journey. We work only with the best and safest providers and our determination to be the best travel agency in Honduras has given us an unbeatable reputation. Let Imni Tours worry about the details while you relax and have a wonderful vacation in paradise.

Crime To Lookout For Theft

By far the most common crime in Honduras is robbery and petty theft. Violent crime is not very common. Tourists are often the target of petty crime because they are seen as easy targets. Take the following security measures to avoid being white:

  1. Do not carry valuables. Leave large amounts of cash, valuable jewelry and your passports in your hotel safe.
  2. Bring photocopies of your passport. Leave your passports in hotel safes when possible, but carry color photocopies of your passports at all times.
  3. Never leave your things unattended. Many tourists are often robbed when they leave bags on the beach or in restaurants. Always keep an eye on your personal items and never leave them unattended.
  4. Watch out for pockets. Do not carry phones or wallets in your back pockets or open wallets. Keep items in your front pockets and carry your purse bags in front of you. Only use bags that can be closed securely.
  5. Have your bank’s phone number handy. In case your credit card is stolen, have your bank’s telephone number easily accessible so you can call and cancel the card immediately.
  6. Avoid walking at night. Take official taxis and Ubers at night. If you must walk at night, do not walk alone and avoid poorly lit areas.
  7. Stay alert. Always keep in mind that you are traveling abroad and it is important that you never let your guard down.
  8. Keep calm. If you are robbed, it is important to stay calm, not defend yourself and give up your belongings easily. Violent robbery is very rare and most thieves are unlikely to attack you. Victims are generally only injured because they resisted or counterattacked.

Health Concerns Vaccinations

It is always a good idea to research health, safety and vaccines before traveling abroad. Make sure all your routine vaccinations are up to date. The CDC also recommends vaccines against hepatitis A and typhoid fever. The yellow fever vaccine is not always recommended, but it is best to discuss the best vaccines with your doctor. For more information, see the vaccine article and talk to your doctor about your options. You can also visit the CDC website for more information.

Dengue fever and Zika virus

Some insect or mosquito bites can cause diseases such as zika or dengue in Honduras, although it is very rare. Currently, many travelers are concerned about the Zika virus in Central and South America. The concern has decreased significantly in the past year, but remains a concern for pregnant women, children, and the elderly. Talk to your doctor before traveling to Honduras to make sure it is safe for you. According to the CDC, Zika virus symptoms include fever, rash, headache, red eyes, muscle and joint pain. Symptoms of dengue fever include sudden, high fever, severe headaches, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, rash, pain behind the eyes, and muscle and joint pain.

To reduce the risk of insect bites, wear long sleeves and pants to cover more skin, use a repellent that has 20% DEET or more, stay in air-conditioned or screened rooms, and use mosquito nets if your sleeping arrangements are exposed to the air li.

Water in Honduras

In Honduras the water is not drinkable. The water is safe for showering, washing hands and brushing teeth, but not for drinking. It is recommended to drink only filtered bottled water.

Traveling As A Female

It is not uncommon for tourists to travel through Honduras alone or in groups. If the proper safety precautions are taken, women who travel can (and do!) Have a safe and amazing vacation in Honduras. However, just like traveling anywhere, women should always take special care with their personal safety. Follow these tips to make sure you have the safest vacation possible in Honduras:

  1. Travel with a friend. Although traveling alone is generally safe (if proper precautions are taken), traveling with a friend is always safer.
  2. Travel during the day. When traveling to a new destination, it is always better to travel in daylight. Remember that the sun generally sets in Honduras no later than 6 p.m.
  3. Share your travel itinerary with the family. Make sure your family and friends know your plans before you leave. Keep them updated on where you will be staying and if any plans change. It is also good to register every day.
  4. Don’t confront bullies on the street. It is very common for men to say things when they pass women on the street. However, don’t worry too much, most comments are harmless if ignored. You will most likely hear things like “beautiful”, “queen” or “how cute”. If you don’t recognize the comment and keep walking, the interaction is likely to end there.
  5. Don’t walk alone at night. This is true for all travelers who come to Honduras. Take official taxis or Ubers at night to avoid unnecessary trouble.
  6. Take care of your drinks. The nightlife in Honduras is really fun and generally safe. However, just like you would at home, keep an eye on your drinks and never accept any strangers. Remember that as a foreigner you are likely to be more objective than local women.
  7. Stay in reputable hotels. Avoid surfing on the couch or B&B Air. Research and select hotels with a good reputation for safety. Always be sure to tell your family where you are staying. It may be a little more expensive, but your safety and peace of mind will be worth it.
  8. Travel with an agency. Traveling with a renowned travel agency in the country is a great way to stay safe abroad. They are country experts and are available in the country if you need help.
  9. Keep your guard up at all times. Unfortunately, women can hardly ever let their guard down, and that is especially true when traveling abroad. Be smart, use common sense and practice the same security measures that you would use at home to stay safe and have an incredible vacation in Honduras.

Traveling With Families

Honduras is a great place for a safe family vacation. Honduras welcomes families from all over the world and works hard to provide safe and fun accommodation and tours for the whole family. Kids can do almost everything adults can do, including zipline, rafting, horseback riding, and kayaking. In fact, many tour providers offer discounts and additional safety precautions for those traveling with children.

You will also find many family-friendly hotels and resorts available in Honduras that offer special offers and activities. Finally, you can book dozens of different family tours or family vacation packages that we created specifically for families looking for an unforgettable adventure.

Tours And Activities

The most important thing you can do to keep an eye on your personal safety is to do your research before booking anything. One of the best parts of traveling to Honduras is the incredible tours and activities available for each type of traveler. However, you should never book a tour before looking for your provider’s certifications and safety records.

Also, you should talk to your provider about current weather conditions. Some tours may change due to rain. However, reputable travel providers will be aware of the weather conditions and will only check it out if they know it is safe. Finally, each tour must include properly installed safety equipment and safety demonstrations. It is your job to make sure you feel safe before the start of the tour. Fortunately, Honduras has some of the best quality tours in the world, and it’s easy to find trusted providers across the country.

Imni Tours personally inspects all the tour providers we use and we only use the best and safest providers. Some of the amazing tours in Honduras include zip line, rafting, waterfall rappelling, and hiking.

Animal Safety

Remember that Honduras is a tropical country with 5% of the world’s biodiversity. While we love all the different animals and bugs that run, it is important to remember that wild animals can be dangerous. It is extremely rare for tourists to come across dangerous animals like snakes and spiders. However, you should always listen carefully to what your tour guide says about animal safety. For example, in rainforests, snakes like to wrap themselves around trees and dress up as vines.

Your tour guide will tell you to be careful not to touch the surrounding fauna and flora. Listen to them! During the wet season, snakes become especially livelier and more aggressive. Take a look at the safety of snakes here. Also watch out for spiders and scorpions that crawl in places you might not want, like shoes and open food or luggage.

More Honduras Safety Tips

The Imni Tours team is determined to ensure that all who visit our beautiful country have the best and safest time possible. When traveling abroad it is important to use common sense and take extra precautions. Here we have listed some additional safety tips.

  1. Use common sense. When you visit a tropical paradise like Honduras it is easy to let your guard down and assume that nothing bad will happen. However, the best thing you can do to protect yourself is to use common sense and stay alert at all times.
  2. Get travel insurance. Travel insurance is not only great for peace of mind abroad, it will protect you in the event of theft or injury.
  3. Have a plan. Plan your trip carefully and do a thorough research. By doing your homework, you’ll find the safest destinations, hotels, and tour providers available. You should also share your itinerary with friends and family who are not traveling so they know where you are at all times. You can find many great articles to read here in the Travel section.
  4. Keep a record of your belongings at all times. Leaving belongings unattended is a great way to let people know you don’t care. Many tourists are robbed on the beach or in restaurants because they leave bags unattended. Also, be sure to leave important documents and valuables in your hotel safe when you’re away from home.

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