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Tour in Lago de Yojoa

A paradise in Honduras

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About Roatán


Roatán is a magnificent island, with very fine white sand beaches and beautiful wooden colonial-style houses partially built on the water, which together with Utila and Guanaja, form the islands of the bay, along La Ceiba, in the Honduras Atlantic coast.

It is part of the huge Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System and is known for its beaches, its diving sites and its marine life, which includes whale sharks. To the southwest is the busy beach of Bahía Oeste, which has a coral reef near the shore.

Roatán means “heavenly kingdom”, in front of its coasts it crosses the second largest coral reef in the world, behind that of Australia, which descends from Cancun, in Yucatan Mexico to Belize and Honduras, which allows its sand to be white and its transparent waters, the ideal setting for diving and snorkeling and enjoying a wonderful experience of swimming with fish of all colors.

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